The Wildlife Series

Frog On A Lilypad

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As I write this in Spring 2001, the frogs in our pond have

produced a huge mass of frogspawn and I'm wondering if

they will manage to hatch before the fish find them. We have

waterlily leaves as well but I've never seen a frog sit on one

of them like this. The "leaf" on the engraving was suggested by

the natural shape of the wood. The frog is built up from thousands

of separate stippled marks.Here is an enlarged detail:

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Image size: 60 x 65 mm

Engraved on a round boxwood block and printed by

the artist in an edition of 100 copies on Zerkall

paper using a Vandercook proof press.



This image is © Andy English 1993 and must not be

reproduced without written permission from the artist.

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