Wood Engraving & Printmaking Links


Please note that this page is no longer updated and you

may well find that the links are "broken" or just outdated.



The Society Of Wood Engravers was founded in 1920

and revived in 1984. It consists of about 70 artists,

elected to membership on merit and a wider group of

subscribers. Its principal activities are its annual

touring exhibition of relief prints, selected from a

world-wide, open submission; and its newsletter.


The Wood Engravers' Network was founded in 1994 and

is an organization for the education and enjoyment of

relief printmaking and, in particular, engraving upon

end-grain wood. Annual meetings are arranged and

members are encouraged to contribute to a "bundle"

of prints which is distributed twice a year.


Internet Groups


The Wood Engravers email group is a convenient way to connect

with other people who share an interest in wood engraving.

It is open to members of the Wood Engravers' Network.


The Baren Group are a lively email discussion group who

predominantly make prints on side grain woodblocks.

They have frequent print exchanges. Subscribe from this link.


The Printmakers Online Discussion Group is open to printmakers

of any technique. They also have print exchanges.




T.N. Lawrence have just closed their London shop but a

wide variety of blocks, tools, inks and papers are available

by postal or Internet mail order.


Rob Buchanan (Tryst Press, Utah, USA) has a

wood engraving supply page.