Commissioning a Bookplate


I am very happy to accept commissions to design and engrave a personal bookplate.
I will also print modest runs of up to 100 or so bookplates.
Here are the main points to consider:


I am willing to consider any subject. My galley of bookplates shows a variety of topics.
A glance at my website will give an idea of the most common subjects that I tackle.
Please feel free to contact me with your ideas.


I welcome your ideas for your bookplate. You can be very specific, or give a general idea of
what you want to be included. If you prefer, I can make suggestions for a design. Usually this
will be based on responses to questions that I will ask. I will produce at least two sketched designs
and then, after further consultation, I will make a final design drawing for your approval.
No charges are incurred for this work if you decide not to proceed.

Ownership of the Block

I normally retain ownership of the engraved block. I allow the person who commissioned
the bookplate free access to it so that they may have further plates. I can do this myself for
a very modest fee. For larger numbers of bookplates, I can have them printed by a good
letterpress printer. If you wish to own the block, please make thisclear from the start.

Your Bookplates

I can comfortably print up to about one hundred bookplates by hand. I am happy to sign these,
or some of them I am also happy to sign and number the bookplates. You may also wish to have
the original drawings that I made as part of the design process. I normally add these to my archive
but I can include them as part of the package.


Your bookplate will be engraved on wood or resingrave. I normally use T.N.Lawrence's carbon black
letterpress ink but can consider printing in another colour if you prefer and I can send you proof
copies in several colours. I usuaally print on Zerkall mould made paper. This is a good white paper with
just a shade of cream. It takes impressions from wood engravings very well. I can use a rougher paper if
the design is not to finely detailed. It is a good idea to think about the paper at the start of the commissioning

How Long Will It Take To Make My Bookplate?

The minimum time is a month and sometime it will take longe. This depends on how
busy I am at any particular time. Another factor is the size of the block and the amount of detail required.

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